January 2, 2017

Geneviève Campan

Director of Digital Technologies and Operations - Site Director at the Toulouse Space Centre

Born 7 June 1956.


Geneviève Campan graduated from ENSEEIHT, the French national electrical engineering, electronics, computer science, hydraulics and telecommunications school, in 1980. She also holds a postgraduate diploma in Applied Mathematics from Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse, obtained the same year.


Geneviève Campan joined CNES’s Space Mathematics department in 1980.

16 years in spaceflight dynamics:
1980-1986: Spaceflight dynamics engineer in SDM orbital manoeuvre planning team that positioned France’s first telecommunications satellites (Telecom-1 and TDF).

1986-1990: Head of SDM orbital manoeuvre planning team in charge of positioning Inmarsat-2 and first satellites for export customers.

1990-1996: Head of Geostationary Satellite Positioning and Stationkeeping department in the Spaceflight Dynamics division.

14 years in operations:

1996-2001: Head of Radiocommunication Satellite Operations division, in charge of Telecom satellites, planning operations for the Stentor satellite, positioning geostationary satellites for external customers, operating the Cospas-Sarsat search-and-rescue mission control centre, laying the foundation for satellite navigation programmes with Euridis and initial phases of the ATV programme.

2001-2007: Head of the Satellite Operations Sub-directorate, in charge of operating up to 18 satellites, in particular from the Myriades and Proteus series, positioning geostationary satellites for external customers (up to 6 a year), operating the ground station network and associated centres (COR&COO), planning the ATV mission and positioning European Galileo satellites, and operating mission control centres for Cospas/Sarsat and Navigation programmes (EGNOS, PACF).

2008 - 2011: Head of the Missions and Data Exploitation Sub-directorate, in charge of all operational missions entrusted to CNES (except for those for which CNES is only responsible for operating the space component), tasked with science data production and spin-off working with thematic data hubs, operation of mission and data processing centres, monitoring of sensor performance and operational product quality, activities at the CADMOS centre for the development of microgravity applications and space operations, and long-term archiving of data from space programmes to which CNES has contributed.

2011: Executive Committee member for SpaceOps, a conference on space operations organized by 11 space agencies with a big attendance from industry contractors and operators.

2011 - 2016: Information System Director.

2011 - : Member of SACIO, the forum of Space Agency Chief Information Officers.

Since 1 January 2017:
- Director of Digital Technologies and Operations
- Site Director of Toulouse Space Centre


1984: French Association of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AAAF) Youth Prize
1997: Knight of the National Order of Merit
2005: Knight of the Legion of Honour
2014: International SpaceOps Distinguished Service Medal
2016: Officer of the Legion of Honour